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Cornell University    Ithaca, NY
PhD, Systems Engineering (2021-2026)
PhD Minors, Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering
Advisors: H. Oliver Gao, Kenneth P. Birman, and Hakim Weatherspoon

Syracuse University   Syracuse, NY
BS, Computer Engineering (2017-2021)
Advisor: Shiu-Kai Chin

Areas of Interest

Blockchain; Supply Chain Management; Decentralized Sociotechnical Systems; Security and Privacy for Internet of Things


May 2023. Grateful to receive an award for my service as a TA this semester from the Department of Computer Science at Cornell!
April 2023. Had a great time participating in Schonfeld’s inaugural PhD “datathon” in NYC, leveraging real world assets to explore quantitative finance with portfolio managers and researchers.
January 2023. Excited to TA my first CS course starting this semester, CS4414 - Systems Programming, taught by my co-advisor, Ken Birman! Happy to share that I passed my Systems PhD Qualifying Exam!
October 2022. Attended the excellent 2022 IAP Cornell Workshop on the Future of AI and Cloud Computing where cloud experts from academia (Cornell) and industry (AWS, Alibaba, JPMorgan Chase, etc.) presented their latest work. Presented my slides on Leslie Lamport's seminal distributed systems paper, “Time, Clocks and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System” (fun fact: this sits among the most often cited CS papers out there and is Lamport's most often cited work).

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